Help Center Account Managing Seamless Conversations with 2-Way SMS

Seamless Conversations with 2-Way SMS


Modern communication is about dialogue, not monologue. With our 2-Way SMS feature, you can not only send messages but also receive them, creating a real-time conversational flow. Whether it's feedback, queries, or simple acknowledgments, our system is equipped to handle it all.

How 2-Way SMS Works:

1-Using Shared Virtual Numbers:

  • We provide a shared virtual number for inbound messaging. To ensure the message is directed to your account, instruct your clients to prefix their messages with #yourusername.
    Example:To: 0012017628299
    Message: #yourusername Hello, I'd like more information.

2-Using Dedicated Virtual Numbers:

  • For a more streamlined experience, you can opt for a dedicated. This eliminates the need for a username prefix and offers a more personalized touchpoint for your clients.
  • Example:
  • To 0012xxxxxxxx (Your dedicated Virtual Number)
  • Message: Hello, when is the next sale?

3-Managing Inbound Messages:

  • Today's Inbound SMS: Quickly access messages received on the current day for timely responses.
  • Inbound SMS History: Maintain a record of all incoming messages. This feature allows you to review past communications and even export the data. Kindly note, however, that the history is retained for 30 days only for data optimization purposes.
  • The Value Proposition: 2-Way SMS breaks down the barriers between businesses and their clients. It's not just about broadcasting messages; it's about listening and engaging.
    With real-time response capabilities, your business can foster better relationships, handle queries efficiently, and stay on top of client needs. This is the future of SMS communication, and we've made it accessible to you.