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Facing "Login Invalid" Issues? Let's Troubleshoot

Experiencing login issues can be frustrating. Here are several steps you can take to resolve the issue with your Easy Send SMS account: Username & Password Accuracy:Double-check that you are entering the correct username and password. Ensure that 'Caps Lock' is off and you're not accidentally entering spaces. Browser Cleanup:Sometimes, accumulated browser history and cache can cause login difficulties. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies, then attempt to log in once more. Alternate Browser:It could be a browser-specific issue. Switch to a different internet browser and see if that resolves the problem. Too Many Failed Attempts: If you've tried entering your password too many times, you might have triggered a security lock on your account. Should you receive a notification about this, reach out to our support team for assistance. Account Dormancy:Accounts that haven't been accessed for over two years might be suspended due to either prolonged inactivity or previous inappropriate usage. If this might be the case and you wish to resume using our services, please contact our support team for reinstatement. We're Here to Help with Your Account Access Issues.We recognize the importance of seamless access to your account. If you continue to face challenges, our dedicated support team stands ready to assist.When reaching out for help, it will expedite the resolution if you provide specific details like: The 'Easy Send SMS' username you're attempting to use for login. A clear description of the problem you're encountering. Your swift resolution is our priority. Please contact our support team, who are on standby to assist and guide you through any difficulties.

Managing Your Account

        1-Updating Profile Information        Follow these steps to modify your details: Access Dashboard:Log in to your dashboard. Navigate to Settings: On the top-right corner, check the Personal Details section. Edit Details: Update Information: Make the necessary changes to your name, mobile number, country, or company details. Save:  Once you're done, click "Save Changes" to finalize the updates.2-Setting Up a Balance AlertOverview:Stay informed about your SMS credits. Our system automatically sends an email alert when your balance drops to a specified threshold.Steps to Configure Your Balance Alert: Navigate to Settings: Begin by accessing your account settings. Locate the Alert Section: Within the settings, find and click on the Low Balance Notification section. Enable Low Balance Alert: Choose 'Yes' for the 'Low Balance Alert' option to activate this feature. Set Threshold: Input the number of remaining SMS credits at which you want to be alerted. For instance, if you'd like a reminder when you're down to 500 SMS credits, simply enter '500' in the 'Low Balance Amount' field. Specify Alert Email: Provide the email address where you'd like to receive these notifications. Ensure it's an email you check frequently to stay on top of your account status. Save Your Settings: After you've made the desired changes, click the 'Save' button. Confirmation: That's it! Your balance alert is now set up. You'll receive an email notification whenever your account reaches the specified threshold.Stay proactive and never run out of credits unexpectedly with our Balance Alert feature!3-Managing Your Billing DetailsOverview:It's essential to ensure that your billing information is accurate and up-to-date. This not only facilitates smooth transactions but also guarantees that all invoices and financial statements align with your records. Whether you're an individual or a company, our system provides a simple interface to manage your billing data efficiently.Accessing and Updating Billing Information: Navigate to Settings: Start by heading over to the settings section of your account. This is the central hub where you can adjust various aspects of your user profile. Billing Section: Within the settings, you will find a dedicated subsection for 'Billing Details'. This is where you can input or modify your billing information. Personal or Company Details: Depending on whether you're using our services as an individual or on behalf of a company, input the respective details. Ensure that all data, such as your name or company name, address, tax identification number (if applicable), and other pertinent details, are accurately reflected. Save Changes: After inputting or updating the necessary information, always remember to save the changes. This ensures that all future invoices or financial interactions incorporate the latest data. Periodic Reviews: It's a good practice to periodically review and, if necessary, update your billing details. This is especially important if you've moved, changed banking institutions, or had any other significant changes that might affect billing. Keeping your billing information current: helps in streamlining your interactions with us and ensures a hassle-free experience. Always remember that accurate billing details are essential for seamless financial transactions and record-keeping.

Configuring Webhooks and DLR Settings

Overview:Webhooks are a powerful tool that allow for real-time communication between systems. In the context of SMS, a webhook can be used to receive Delivery Report (DLR) notifications, informing you immediately about the status of sent messages. This seamless integration ensures that you're always in the loop regarding your SMS delivery performance.Setting up Your Webhook: Accessing Settings: Begin by navigating to the settings section of your account dashboard. Here, you'll find various options to customize your user experience. Locate DLR Settings: Within the settings, search for the 'DLR Settings' subsection. This is your primary interface for configuring how you receive delivery notifications. Webhook URL Configuration: Here, you can specify the Webhook URL, which is essentially the endpoint where you'd like to receive the delivery notifications. Supported Methods: Your Callback URL should be versatile, and capable of handling GET, POST, and HEAD methods. This ensures maximum compatibility and smooth communication between platforms. Response Requirements: It's crucial that your provided URL responds with an HTTP status of 200, indicating that it's accessible and ready to receive data. Additionally, ensure that there are no errors in your page's code, as this can hinder successful data reception. System Validation: For added security and functionality, our platform will verify the provided URL. This is to ensure its accessibility and responsiveness. Once validated, it'll be added to your account, activating the webhook service. Monitor and Manage: With your webhook in place, you can monitor delivery reports in real-time. If ever you need to change or update the URL, simply revisit the DLR Settings and make the necessary adjustments.Benefits:By effectively utilizing the webhook and DLR settings, you're ensuring a proactive approach to SMS management. You'll receive immediate updates on delivery statuses, allowing for timely decision-making and enhanced user experience.Incorporate webhooks into your workflow and stay ahead with real-time data, enhancing both transparency and efficiency in your SMS campaigns.