Help Center Account Managing Guide to Sending Bulk SMS

Guide to Sending Bulk SMS

      Step 1: Importing Your Contacts

  • File Preparation: Ensure your contacts are formatted correctly in one of the following file types: .txt, .xls, .xlsx, or .csv.
  • Upload Contacts: Navigate to the import section and upload your file. Ensure that your file contains numbers only and is properly formatted. For optimal performance, limit the number of numbers in each file to a maximum of 60,000.
  • Multiple File Selection: If you have several files to upload, the 'Send Bulk SMS' page allows you to select multiple files simultaneously for seamless uploading.

    Step 2: Composing and Sending Your Message

  • Compose Message: Once your contacts are successfully uploaded, it's time to craft your message. You can utilize a pre-existing template or pen a fresh message tailored to your campaign's needs.
  • Message Preview: Before hitting send, the 'Send Bulk SMS' page offers a comprehensive preview. This allows you to see a breakdown of the total messages set to dispatch, how many segments the message is divided into, the number of files being sent, and more. This feature ensures accuracy and provides a final check to ensure your campaign is delivered as intended.
  • Once satisfied, proceed to send your bulk SMS messages, reaching out to your audience effectively and efficiently.