Help Center Account Managing Efficient Messaging with Templates Management

Efficient Messaging with Templates Management


The essence of timely and consistent messaging often lies in the efficiency with which you can draft and send your communications. With our Templates Management feature, you can streamline your SMS campaigns, ensuring that the content you send out is not only relevant but also perfectly timed.

Managing SMS Templates:

  • Template Title:
    Purpose: Provide a distinctive name for your template to easily identify it among others.

    Tip: Choose a descriptive title, such as "Holiday Promotion" or "Appointment Reminder," so that you can quickly pick the right template for the right occasion.

  • Template Content:
    Purpose: This is where you input the body of the message.

    Recommendation: Keep it concise and to the point, ensuring your message is clear. If possible, personalize the content to make it more engaging for the recipient.

  • Saving Your Template:
    After inputting the title and content, click on 'Save' to store the template.
    Your template is now ready for future use, eliminating the need to draft the same message repeatedly.

  • Review and Edit:
    Scroll down to view all the templates you've created previously.
    This section provides an overview, allowing you to quickly pick, edit, or delete templates as per your requirements.

  • The Advantage of Using Templates:
    Templates enable businesses to maintain consistency in their messaging, ensuring brand voice is uniform across communications. Furthermore, they save time, especially when reaching out to large audiences with similar content. Whether it's a promotional offer, a gentle reminder, or a thank you note, having a ready-to-use template can be a game-changer for your SMS campaigns.