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Understanding SMS Sender IDs

What is an SMS Sender ID?

An SMS Sender ID is essentially the identifier of the sender of the SMS. For instance, when you send a text from your mobile phone, the recipient sees your phone number as the sender. However, with the EasySendSMS API, you can customize this sender ID to be a numeric value or an alphanumeric string, such as your company name.

Types of Sender IDs:

  1. Numeric: This is simply a phone number. Recipients can reply to these messages.
  2. Alphanumeric: This can include both letters and numbers, such as a company name, but recipients cannot reply to these messages.

Key Differences:

  • Numeric Sender IDs are purely digits. They allow the recipient to respond directly to the message.
  • Alphanumeric Sender IDs can include a mix of letters and numbers, making it ideal for brand recognition, but these messages are non-replyable.

Advantages of Alphanumeric Sender IDs:

Using an alphanumeric sender ID lets you brand your messages. For example, your company name can appear as the sender, making it instantly recognizable to the recipient.


  • Numeric IDs can be up to 16 digits long, including the + sign.
  • Alphanumeric IDs are limited to 11 characters and can only include A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and spaces. Special characters (e.g., &, *, $, @) are generally not allowed by networks.


Not all sender IDs are permissible. Networks often have filters to block or replace certain sender IDs, especially those containing:

  • Network names (e.g., Vodafone, Orange)
  • Sensitive words or symbols (e.g., sex, $, Euro)
  • Terms like Testing, Tester

Some networks or countries require pre-registration of sender IDs to ensure they comply with local regulations. EasySendSMS support can assist in verifying and registering your chosen sender ID.

How to Set the Sender ID:

When sending an SMS via the EasySendSMS API, you can specify the sender ID using the from parameter.

For any queries or to ensure your sender ID meets all requirements, please reach out to our support team for assistance.