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Maximizing Outreach with Bulk SMS

Broaden Your Reach:

Wondering about the extent of your message outreach? Our SMS platform is built to handle volume. When leveraging our bulk system, you can efficiently dispatch a single message to a staggering 60,000 contacts in just one go (per file). That's the power of mass communication at your fingertips!

Flexibility in Sending Options:

Different needs call for different sending methods. For those who prefer utilizing our API or the Single SMS option, you can transmit your content to a group of up to 30 recipients in one submission. This offers both versatility and precision in your messaging strategy.

Rate Dynamics:

Efficiency is at the heart of our platform. We've optimized the system to maintain a swift delivery rate, capable of sending up to 30 SMS messages every second. This ensures timely communication, especially when seconds count.

In a Nutshell:

Whether you're running a large-scale marketing campaign or sending out timely updates, our SMS platform is designed to accommodate both breadth and depth in messaging, ensuring your communication is always timely and expansive.