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Understanding Unicode SMS Length

Defining Unicode SMS Length:

For messages encoded in Unicode, the character limit for a single SMS is set at 70 characters. Unicode is used to represent a wider range of characters, including those from languages like Arabic, Chinese, and other non-Latin scripts, which often require more bytes for representation.

Segmentation for Extended Messages:

When a Unicode SMS exceeds this 70-character cap, the message undergoes segmentation. For extended messages that utilize Unicode encoding, each segment will be limited to 67 characters. This is because, out of the 70 characters, 3 are reserved for segmentation information. This information ensures the recipient's device can seamlessly concatenate the segments, presenting one continuous message.

Key Point:

It's essential to be mindful of the character limit when sending Unicode messages. Even though they allow for a rich set of characters, the segmented nature could mean higher costs due to multiple SMS charges for a single extended message.