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The Power of the Unicode Standard

What is Unicode?

The Unicode standard is a transformative approach to text representation. It grants the ability to send SMS messages featuring characters from virtually any written language. Connection Software proudly supports this standard in SMS messaging, though there's a constraint of 70 characters per message. However, for more extended communications, EasySendSMS APIs can send them as concatenated SMS messages to maintain continuity.

Understanding the Unicode Mechanism:

Unlike the traditional 7-bit binary code, Unicode operates with 8-bit "code units", with the capability to combine up to four of these units simultaneously. This multi-unit system boosts the encoding capacity from a mere 128 characters to a staggering 1,112,064 characters. Such extensive capacity ensures virtually all world languages have a place in a single unified character set.

Interestingly, Unicode even has code ranges set aside for unique languages like Klingon, although it's worth noting this hasn't received official endorsement from the Unicode Registry.

A genius aspect of Unicode is its efficiency. Instead of utilizing four code units for every character, it employs only the necessary units. Take the capital letter "A" as an example; while its full binary representation could be [0041], Unicode optimizes it to [01000001] for space efficiency. Without this kind of optimization, a text message's character capacity would drop drastically.