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Understanding Unicode Text

Introduction to Unicode:

Unicode isn't just a simple method of numbering characters. It's a globally recognized character encoding standard that has been adopted by major platforms and systems, including Microsoft software. In essence, if you're using modern technology, you're already benefiting from Unicode!

Core Concept of Unicode:

At its heart, Unicode operates on a fundamental principle: every character, from letters to numbers and special symbols, is represented by a unique number. While this may seem abstract, remember that computers inherently understand numbers. Hence, they represent and store characters—be they alphabets, numerals, or special symbols—by allocating a specific number to each.

Decoding Hex/UTF-16 Characters:

Decoding Unicode, particularly in formats like UTF8 or UTF-16, can be a technical process. For instance, if you have a string encoded in UTF-16 (often recognizable by its character representation with two leading zeroes), you can treat it similarly to any 2-character hexadecimal string. The process typically involves looping through every set of 4 characters, then using specific decoding methods (like inputBaseN) to retrieve the original character from its code.