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Understanding Your Payment Status at

Ensuring Seamless Transactions and Account Management At, we are committed to providing a transparent and hassle-free transaction experience. To make things clear, we've detailed the payment statuses you might encounter and their significance. PayPal Transaction Statuses: Pending: After initiating a transaction via PayPal, a 'Pending' status indicates that your transaction is currently under review and awaiting approval. This ensures the safety and security of all transactions on our platform. Canceled: A status of 'Canceled' means that the payment process was halted. The reasons can vary, ranging from incorrect account details to our KYC (Know Your Customer) checks to identify an issue. We advise cross-checking your information or reaching out to our support for further details. Approved: An 'Approved' status signifies a successful transaction. The corresponding SMS credits for your purchase have been added to your account and are ready for use. Cryptocurrency Transaction Statuses: Waiting: A 'Waiting' status is indicative of our system recognizing your intent to transact via cryptocurrency. At this stage, we're awaiting the fund transfer from your end. Pending: Upon receiving your cryptocurrency funds, the status shifts to 'Pending'. This means the funds are being processed and your SMS balance is being updated. This ensures accuracy and security in every transaction. Expired: If the 'Expired' status appears, it means we did not receive the funds within the designated payment timeframe. Transactions require timely payments to ensure smooth processing, and any delay can lead to this status. Always ensure to send the funds promptly after initiating a cryptocurrency payment. Approved: Just like with PayPal, 'Approved' for cryptocurrency payments indicates successful completion. Your new SMS balance, as per the purchase, will be reflected in your account.   Prioritizing Transparency and Support: Our goal at is to maintain complete transparency in our payment processes. If you find yourself with questions or in need of assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help. We're here to ensure a smooth, safe, and effective transaction experience for every user.